Rations and MREs

Rations and MREs

Africor's Ration Pack Capabilities


Our MRE’s (meals Ready to Eat) have been well researched and are prepared in a  factory with ISO2200, ISO9001 and HALAL certification.  Stringent quality checking processes are in place to ensure only the finest foods are despatched. The shelf life for these MRE’s is more that two years without refridgeration. There is a wide sellection of main meals, including beefs, lambs, pastas, soups, rices and vegetables. There are porridges, dried fruits, biscuits, fruit juices, teas and coffees. Accessories include wet-wipes, cutlery, water-proof matches and flameless heaters.

We also have a nutritional instant Mageu. This is made from cooked maize, sugar, citric acid, flavouring and salt. Our 85g sachets are popular. These are mixed in 500ml of water (depending on required thickness), and left to stand for two minutes to thicken, then enjoyed as a traditional energy providing drink.



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