Parachute Assemblies

  • Group Static line exit
    Group Static-line exit
  • Ram Air Skymaster
    Ram Air Skymaster
  • Saviac MK 6
    Saviac MK 6
  • Saviac MK 5 6 Reserve
    Saviac MK 5 6 Reserve
  • Skymaster Packed   front
    Skymaster Packed front
  • Skymaster Packed   back
    Skymaster Packed back
  • Ammo Replenishment Assembly
    Ammo Replenishment Assembly
  • Saviac's Packed
    Saviac's Packed
  • Assortment Packed
    Assortment Packed
  • Fuel Replenishment Assembly
    Fuel Replenishment Assembly

The RAM AIR SKYMASTER student and demonstration Parachute Assemblies have been specifically designed and tested to fulfill the roles of training and demonstrations. This assembly is also available in sizes of 260', 230', 200', 185' and 170'.

The SKYMASTER assembly consists of main and reserve Ram Air canopies. The Airfoil and Aspect ratio was selected for soft on-heading openings, light toggle pressure, docile handling characteristics, difficult to stall, and controlled flared landings. The new military harness and container system has been designed for ease of fitting and comfort, and consists of a padded split saddle and multiple points of adjustment with options for various equipment rings. Installation for Automatic Activation Device instruments is provided. The main parachute can be deployed by means of a static line, traditional ripcord or hand deploy on bottom of container.

We also offer the two unique SAVIAC static-line troop parachute assemblies. The steerable MK6 and the non-steerable MK5 which both offer a low rate of descent with high load capacity, as well as reduced oscillation in flight of less that 2.5 degrees from the vertical plane, for a softer, safer landing platform. These assemblies come with comfortable adjustable harnesses, easy quick release of canopy of one or both risers, and unique intergrated field carry bags. They can be field-packed without tables.

The SAVIAC MK5/6 reserve parachutes also incorporate a low rate of descent, and an oscillation in flight of less that 10 degrees for a safe landing. These are chest-mounted with right handed activation handles. They can easily be packed in the field by qualified riggers.

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